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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We're Famous! .... Well, sort of anyway

Over spring break this year we went camping over in the Superstition Mountain area. It was still relatively cool for Phoenix, and not being prepared for anything colder than about 50 degrees, we opted to stay around Roosevelt Lake. The elevation is only a few hundred feet above Mesa but we still managed to freeze at night!

The girls haven't seen that much water here in AZ, go figure, so they were excited to see a lake. The only downside to all this is we forgot to pack swimsuits! We made the best of it and played in a river/stream at the North end of the lake down a road called A Plus. The girls had a blast. The truck even made it through the water to enjoy a bit of off road driving.

Kaylin seems to have a fascination with pine cones. She wanted to pick out tons of them to take home everywhere we went.

We stayed for 2 nights in Cholla Recreation site. It was very different from the forest camping I'm used to. Dirt everywhere, no trees, cacti, flat, hot, interesting to say the least. Not too bad though going in the spring. And just about 30 minutes up the road you climb a few thousand feet and get to the trees and camping that I grew up on. Our next visit will be to Rose Creek Campground. We went up to check it out and the girls seems to like the area in the few minutes we were there. It was cold enough that Kaylin needed her coat!

Here's a view of Roosevelt Lake from the North East side of the lake. The only roads on this side are dirt and most of the way, 4X4 required.  We saw two ranches along the road tucked away in small valley's in between the mountains. They were very nice indeed, but I think I require more trees!

Here the we and the girls are on our way to see some cliff dwellings and there happened to be a little niche in the side of the mountain. They both just had to have their pictures taken.

We were lucky the weekend we came over. It was the 100th anniversary of the Roosevelt Dam, and the 10th anniversary of the bigger, stronger dam that was build in it's place. Because of 9-11 no one has been able to walk on the new Dam. March 19th the public received the opportunity to walk across the dam as part of the the Roosevelt Centennial Celebration.

As a bonus we appeared in the Sunday paper!

 Above: the silhouette in that picture is me and Iolana.