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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Official

So, I'm 6 months pregnant and we are moving! Not far, just up the road a bit but moving is moving no matter how far.

We are just no interested in dealing with this house nor the landlady for yet another year. Cheers to our new homestead. I just hope we can get packed and out of this place by the 30th. Everything as far as school and church will stay the same.

We are waiting to hear about where A's work will take him next before we settle down. We won't hear about that until March of next year. Until then we didn't see the point in changing too many things if we could help it. Here's to moving every year for 4 years. Whoo hoo! Bring it on!

I know one thing, the Lord certainly wants us to stay in the ward. We had looked at 3 houses, last on the list was the only house we found in the ward. The other two has something wrong with them or someone else snatched it up before us. Blessings can be disguised in many different ways.